Apatite jewelry manufacturer in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur India

Apatite jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur

India is a country that is well known among the people for its wide range of festivals and cultural mixtures. With each state contributing to a different culture, there is no less for any celebration. Every Indian celebrates at least four festivals each year around, and they do it, Grand, in their way. The festival is a time where people prefer wearing new costumes and matching up with suitable jewelry. Designers all over the country always try to create new designs that offer a unique collection for festivals. Each jewelry design is unique, and you can pair it up with the perfect costume you have chosen. Understanding this, we at DWS offer you a look for your festival with fashion jewelry items. They add a unique statement to your personality and elevate your appearance by a level up.

Apatite jewelry manufacturer in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur India

Understanding our collections will allow you to choose for each festival. From the beautiful earrings to the perfectly designed antique Bangles, our models have no end. We offer an end-to-end solution for all your fashion jewelry requirements. So now, spice up this festival season with a unique statement that improves your personality. Read the passage below to understand how to choose the best jewelry for each festival. Now you can appear stylish with no extra effort, just with the help of our jewelry collection.

Diwali collections

Diwali is a festival of lights, and it is necessary e for the women to go traditional during this occasion. Enjoy this festival of lights by wearing your outfits with traditional jhumka earrings and matching necklaces for a perfect look. Using Apatite gemstone in both the earrings and necklace can provide an outlook that will be both beautiful and rich-looking.

If you are going for a mild color dress, the best option is to choose a dark gemstone-like neon blue or red. Similarly, you can apply the vice versa concept for the mild-colored costumes. At DWS, we have an immense collection of high-quality gemstone jewelry that is both Grand and simple. You don’t need to go for heavy designs since they might affect your individuality and freedom. So the best option is to go for lightweight jewelry with simple designs that attract others.

Holi collections

Holi is the festival of colors, and it is natural for you to wear a light-colored costume for complete enjoyment. Whether it is a traditional saree or a simple Kurti, the material you choose should match it with the beautiful jewelry item. Going for a statement jewelry design will be more suitable as it limits the heaviness and makes the piece look more attractive. In such cases, using any of the rainbow-colored gemstones can be an apt choice. This design will add colors to the colorful day. So by matching your jewelry with the theme of the day will add a fun statement to your outlook. Matching the colorful gemstones with the simple rose gold metal chain and earrings will be sufficient. Going for a heavy necklace or bangles is unnecessary if you have a statement pendant and earring.

DWS is a leading jewelry manufacturer in Rajasthan. So combined with an exclusive showroom and unique factory setup, we can offer a wide range of designs. We also offer customized designs that will help you look more authentic and beautiful on a good day. We do not limit the collections to small designs, and women who wish to go heavy on this day can also choose necklaces and brightly colored bangles.

EID festival

EID is a festival that brings relatives close to each other. On this occasion, women try to decorate themselves as Grand as possible. To make it special, having a bangle set made with rare gemstones in the statement and modern designs can be perfect. EID is a special day, and going for a traditional look or a modern look is a common choice. Choosing an elegant bangle or gemstone embedded jewelry can be a superb choice to finish your outlook with a bold statement.

Being a leading apatite jewelry manufacturer in the country, DWS has always created the best designs. This gemstone is available in many colors, making it easier for you to combine them and create a rainbow myriad. We have a wide range of collections in the bangles department, including both playing and crystallized designs. Always go for bangles that have multiple gemstones, making them more colorful and grand. Our designers have understood the culture of designing in the entire world, and hence they can offer the best designs.

It’s not just for these functions, but there is also a wide range of other occasions like Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, and so on that need to be celebrated with suitable jewelry. If you are one such person who likes to purchase affordable jewelry items with gorgeous design and quality, DWS is an excellent choice. Visit our shop directly or go for the online website portal and mobile application for further details.


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